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  Concrete Products Publication
       August 2012

  Concrete Calculator
       MPAQ Concrete Calculator

  Roller Compacted Concrete:

   Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) for Heavy-Duty Pavements:
          The Right Choice for Tough Duty, Flash video 352 x 240 (19.9 MB)


   Ultra-Thin Concrete Whitetoppings:
          The Best Solution for Today's Overlay Projects (264 KB)

   Illinois Concrete Overlay Projects - a database of completed UTW/
          Whitetopping projects (17.5 MB)

   Pavement Rehabilitation Through Ultra-Thin Whitetoppings
          (UTW) Overlays (2 MB)

   Street Talk:
          Ultra-Thin Whitetoppings, A Quick Pavement Fix That Lasts! (212 KB)


   Slag Cement:
          What is Slag Cement? (100 KB)
   Slag Cement and Flyash:
          Slag Cement in Concrete (60 KB)
   Reducing Permeability:
          Slag Cement in Concrete (64 KB)
   Concrete Time of Set:
          What is Time of Set? (84 KB)
   Slag Cement and the Environment:
          Slag Cement in Concrete (220 KB)

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